Intensive Training & Holiday Camp In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

One of our most popular services is the Intensive International Training & Holiday Camp. As we have received over hundreds of players since 2006. All levels of players are welcomed.

What we can be guaranteed? 

  • Improvement in your game.
  • Great cultural experience.
  • Great service and flexibility to suit your needs.
  • Experienced and World Class coaching from top coaches.
  • Personalized training program.

Here are some packages you can choose from:

Package #1 (USD 750 per week) (PROMOTIONS RUNS UNTIL DECEMBER 2024!)

  • 7 nights’ accommodation (Breakfast provided, WIFI Included, 1-minute walking distance to shopping mall, restaurants, laundry).
  • 16 to 20 hours of “personalized”  badminton training in a small group with players you can spar with.
  • 15 to 20 minutes walk from the hotel to the sports center.
  • Court Rental and Shuttlecocks included.
  • 15 minutes drive from the city center (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Training and Sparring Partners provided.

*This is package is recommended for players who are in pretty good physical condition and playing competitively.

Package #2 (USD550 Per Week) (PROMOTIONS RUNS UNTIL DECEMBER 2024!)

  • 5  nights’ accommodation(Breakfast provided, WIFI Included, 1-minute walking distance to shopping mall, restaurants, laundry).
  • 10 hours of “personalized”  badminton training in a small group with players you can spar with.
  • 15 to 20 minutes walk from the hotel to the sports center.
  • Court Rental and Shuttlecocks included.
  • Training and Sparring Partners provided.

*This package is recommended for players who are here for more relaxed schedule and in decent fitness condition or senior players or social players.

*Please note* These are all individual packages. If you are coming in a group or for a longer period, please do contact us for better deals! As for BWF World Ranking players, there will be a special price*.

For more info, you can contact us here or email us directly at  

Here are testimonials from some of the players who have participated in this program:

During my one-week stay in Malaysia, I’ve had the pleasure of being coached under the eye of Coach Andrew. Throughout my experience as a badminton player, I can surely say that Coach Andrew has been one of the best coaches that I have ever trained under.

Not only does he provide the vigorous training that every badminton player needs, but he’s also been able to consistently pinpoint weaknesses in my play and as a result, adjust my drills and exercises to better suit my needs.

Even after playing for many years, there are still many techniques that come as lackluster for me. Thanks to Coach Andrew, I was able to specifically focus on those horrible weak points and by the end of the week, was playing much better.

In my eyes, the training was rigorous but rewarding. Being able to see yourself improve day by day consistently is what training is all about, and I’m glad to say that Coach Andrew has done an outstanding job of training me all week. I’ll keep those tips you gave me in mind when playing future badminton matches. Thank you for training 🙂

Joshua Lembong (25th August 2017)
Indonesia Club Player (18 years old)

Coach Andrew and Sek Hin Man

Coach Andrew是一位很好的教練,雖然只跟他訓練三個星期,但能讓我教到很多,令我有所提升,<讓我認識到很多不同的訓練方法。雖然跟他訓練的時間很短,但我都非常感激他對我用心的教導,讓我知道甚麼是羽毛球,讓我明白只要踏上球場,就要集中在比賽上,不管發生甚麼事,也一定要有戰勝對手的心。

感謝Coach Andrew對我三個星期的教導,我回到澳門後也會把您教我的東西記到腦袋裏,繼續把羽毛球練得更好。
Coach Andrew is a very good coach, we have spent 3 fruitful weeks together where he taught me various badminton skills and techniques. I must say I learned a lot from him and from there I improved tremendously. Although the time we spent together is short, he still tries his best to teach whatever he could. The most important thing that I learned from him is to focus, focus when you are on the battlefield, and no matter what, try your best to defeat your opponent. I will keep those words in mind when I return to Macau, thanks again!
Sek Hin Man, 17 Years Old (Macau Club Player)
20th August 2017

Tobias with Coach Andrew Chang

My name is Tobias Weidemann and I’m a German club badminton player. I came to Malaysia for Andrew’s intensive badminton Training and Holiday Camp after my studies in Germany finished.

Right from the start, when I arrived at the hotel which is comfortably located close to the sporting facilities, he was there to introduce me to the surroundings (the Sunway Pyramid Mall contains almost everything you need) and to the training location.
The training itself was really tailored to my own needs and it displayed the creativity of an extremely experienced coach. Coach Andrew puts a lot of effort into every single training unit.
The 20 hours of training have been tough and pushed me to the edge of my physical possibilities and sometimes, as a reward, I noticed improvements after only one training. He definitely showed me where my weaknesses are and how to continue with the training once I am back in Germany.
Off the court, he always expressed a lot of care for me having my first time in Asia. He helped me to organize trips to different locations in Kuala Lumpur and its rural surroundings, at least twice a day he wrote me a WhatsApp message asking whether everything is fine.
At this point, I want to express a huge Thank You to you, Andrew! You have been really pushing me to follow my goals in badminton and to develop as a player. Thanks also for always being responsive to every question and to making this beautiful trip to Kuala Lumpur possible!
For those of you who are considering training by Andrew, I can only say: Give him a try! You won’t be disappointed.

Mahmoud El-Sayad (Cairo, Eygpt) National Player & Africa Continent Champion (2010)

“Thank you so much for the very pleasant stay I had in K.L, everything was perfectly arranged and I really enjoyed the time there, especially the outings we had on Fridays. As for the training, firstly I’d like to give a special thanks to Andrew. I am really thankful to him! not only was he a perfect coach who always encouraged me to be better, and I really learned a lot of beneficial badminton stuff that I haven’t known before and he was definitely able to make me a much better badminton player and made me ready for the Youth Olympic Games in only 20 days, but also out of court, he is a very good friend too who was really fun to hang out with.

He also came to me a month later to Singapore where I was playing the Youth Olympic Games and due to ONLY his coaching in the tournament, I was able to beat Africa’s No.2 player and Europe’s no.5 Holland player and came 2nd in the group after I played with China’s no.1 player a very good match.

Finally, I am really thankful to all of you and I am really looking forward to another visit and training program next year.”

Lukas Zevl (Czech Republic)       (Top Junior and National Player of Czech Republic) 10 times National Champion. (2012)

“Coach Andrew has given me a lot of experiences in badminton. He has been still a part of my badminton life and he tries to help me every time I need him. He is a very skilled coach and he knows how to work with all skill level players. I spent 50 days during the summer in Malaysia with Andrew. He helped me to improve my game. He helped me to grow up my speed, technical skills, and movement on the court. Everything that I need to be a better player. I am planning to come back to Malaysia to get a new experience and work on my game. I trust this coach and all the things he does. I am looking forward to seeing him again and train with this top-level and a very nice coach. If you choose this coach it is the best choice you can do.”

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*Please note* These are all individual packages. If you are coming in a group, please do contact us as there will discounts.