Maurice Gale (England,UK), Kuala Lumpur 2017

It was great having Maurice Gale coming to train with us for a 3 days Intensive Camp (12th to 14th September 2017). Maurice is an avid club player with very creative game skills seeking to improve his strokes and basics. Maurice has great physical attributes for his age.



Thanks very much, Andrew and Darma for organizing my 3-day intensive badminton course. I learned a lot and appreciated having extra people to spar with as well as having very attentive one to one coaching from Darma. We practice defense, drives, Rotation, attack at the net and netplay. Darma paced the training very well for me and although I was extended but I was never excessively tired. The Sunway is a nice resort and there is plenty to do and see in the area. I would recommend linking people up next time with badminton clubs in the area so they can go and play casual badminton in addition to their training during the day. Thanks very much again.

Maurice Gale, UK (2017)




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