Hin Man & Hong Shen (Macau), Kuala Lumpur (2017)

It was great having 2 club players from Macau, Sek Hin Man and Lai Hong Shen (17 years old)  training with us for 3 weeks of Intensive Training Camp during the summer of 2017(July-August). Videos and testimonial attached below.


Coach Andrew and Sek Hin Man

Coach Andrew是一位很好的教練,雖然只跟他訓練三個星期,但能讓我教到很多,令我有所提升,<讓我認識到很多不同的訓練方法。雖然跟他訓練的時間很短,但我都非常感激他對我用心的教導,讓我知道甚麼是羽毛球,讓我明白只要踏上球場,就要集中在比賽上,不管發生甚麼事,也一定要有戰勝對手的心。

感謝Coach Andrew對我三個星期的教導,我回到澳門後也會把您教我的東西記到腦袋裏,繼續把羽毛球練得更好。
Coach Andrew is a very good coach, we have spent 3 fruitful weeks together where he taught me various badminton skills and techniques. I must say I learnt a lot from him and from there I improved tremendously. Although the time we spent together is short, he still try his best to teach whatever he could. The most important thing that I learnt from him is to focus, focus when you are on the battlefield, and no matter what, try your best to defeat your opponent. I will keep those words in mind when I return to Macau, thanks again!
Sek Hin Man, 17 Years Old (Macau Club Player)
20th August 2017

Coach Andrew with Lai Hong Shen

Coach Andrew 是一位很好的教練  但是我感覺到他的熱誠 想要把東西都教給他的學生 甚至教識我怎樣將生活和羽毛球融合一齊 而且你站在羽毛球場那一刻開始就不要想其他任何事情 只要想著要怎麼贏 他說沒有一個訓練是壞的 所以要做好每一個訓練 所以在場上訓練上 如果有任何失誤 第一時間叫我忘記 因為訓練還沒有完成 只要在下一球不要失誤 經常和我講的就是一球制敵

Coach Andrew 最後,我雖然被你訓練的時間只有短短的三個星期 我返到澳門後會繼續將你教導我的東西放在腦中 會將你教我的東西做的更好
Coach Andrew is an excellent badminton coach, he has enthusiasm in teaching us all the rules or techniques and tactics of Badminton. Andrew is not only my badminton coach but also my mentor, I learnt to develop life skills through the techniques he taught me in a badminton game.
For example, he once told me, do not think of any other matters, keep your mind concentrate on how to win the game whenever you’re on the badminton court. He said, there’s no such thing as a bad or useless training, its all about getting the right mind frame, thus, you have to put all your efforts in every training that you join.
When you created faults in a training or a match, leave it and move forward, the training or match has not completed or end. Just like life, you stay for the bad times and also the good times. What you need to do is to make sure you do not repeat the same mistake again. He always reminds me, the most important thing in a game is to give your opponent a true strike, hold the game with a strong serve, then you can win points and keep control of the game.
Last but not the least, my dear coach Andrew, although we spent only 3 weeks training together, I promise that when am back to Macau, I’ll keep all the things you taught on my mind, and practicing them everyday to make it perfect!
Lai Hong Shen, 18 Years Old (Macau Club Player)
20th August 2017

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