Coaching in Toronto, Canada 2017

It was a great pleasure to work with Mandarin Badminton Club in Toronto, Canada for a few months (November 2016 – February 2017).





Coach Andrew Chang is an exceptional coach, he created amazing programs to directly target my weaknesses. He provided constant feedback with amazing critique to ensure that I was more aware of what type of player I was. I learned to become more confident in my game and developed many different skills that I’ve never heard of.

At tournaments, he helped me remain calm in crucial moments and gave me useful strategies that undoubtedly helped me win my first triple crown (mixed, doubles, singles champion)! Coach Andrew is extremely dedicated to what he does, he arrives to lessons on time and gives his 100% effort. He met my needs in this sport through special programs made especially for me.

Coach Andrew worked very hard to match my busy schedule, but pulled through anyways which I am thankful for. Coach Andrew is definitely one of the greatest coaches I’ve met, and I’m grateful to have had him coach me for the past 2 months.


Alwin Ly, 16, (Toronto, Canada)

U-19 Triple Crown Ontario State Champion 2016/2017* (Boy’s Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles Champion)

Coach Andrew has coached me for couple months. During that duration, I’ve learned a lot and I won a tournament. In that tournament, there were a lot of good players participating and it was very tough to get all the way to the final.

Sometimes I was in a very bad situation and I was very anxious and exhausted at certain stages of the tournament. Coach Andrew has a useful method to calm me down and gave me very useful tips. I had very tough matches from the early rounds but with Coach Andrew’s guidance, I managed to pulled through and won the tournament.

Through the daily training, I learned not only skills, but also the right and effective ways of training and the atmosphere was really good.

I am not English educated so sometimes it was really hard to understand what the other coaches were talking about, but Coach Andrew always showed his patience when he was explaining to me, and all his words benefits me a lot, now I really miss Coach Andrew, I hope he can come back to Canada and coach me again.

Ryan Chen, 15 years old (China)
U17 Ontario State Boy’s Singles Champion 2016 (Canada)

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