10 Lockdown Exercises | NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!

With the current on going pandemic happening in most parts of the world. To save lives, we have to stay home in these trying times. Inactivity is badminton’s biggest sin.

We cannot control the virus but we can control our fitness, mental toughness, and physical condition. Be it shadow footwork, swinging your racket, push-ups, sit-ups, dumbells and etc. Anything that keeps you in the best shape possible as we get through these trying days.

Here are 10 body circuit exercises, which you can do almost anywhere and anytime. It’s better 10 exercises is considered 1 set. It’s recommended to do 3 to 5 sets.

10 exercises.

  1. High knee jumps (10X)
  2. Half Squads (10X)
  3. Half Squads Jumps (10X)
  4. Stationary Lunges (10X each leg)
  5. Dips with table or bench (10X)
  6. Flat Feet Dips (10X)
  7. Push-Ups (10X)
  8. Sit-Ups (10X)
  9. Back Arch (10X)
  10. Side to Side Twist (50X) (Turn the waist instead of your head).


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