Here’s some testimonials from our players/students which were compiled through out the years.

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During my one week stay in Malaysia, I’ve had the pleasure of being coached under the eye of Coach Andrew. Throughout my experience as a badminton player, I can surely say that Coach Andrew has been one of the best coaches that I have ever trained under.

Not only does he provide the vigorous training that every badminton player needs, he’s also been able to consistently pinpoint weaknesses in my play and as a result, adjust my drills and exercises to better suit my needs.

Even after playing for many years, there are still many techniques that come as lackluster for me. Thanks to Coach Andrew, I was able to specifically focus on those horrible weak points and by the end of the week, was playing much better.

In my eyes, the training was rigorous but rewarding. Being able to see yourself improve day by day consistently is what training is all about, and I’m glad to say that Coach Andrew has done an outstanding job of training me all week. I’ll keep those tips you gave me in mind when playing future badminton matches. Thank you for training 🙂

Joshua Lembong (2017)
Indonesia Club Player (18 years old)

This testimonial is to recommend that Coach Andrew Chang is a great coach. Back in 2012, Coach Andrew Chang coached the Mizoram State Team players in India for 90 days. During his coaching stint, he handled around 40 players as the head coach and all the players greatly benefited from his coaching due to his great coaching talent and experience. After Mr. Andrew Chang’s coaching stint, Mizoram State Players has won many trophies at Inter-State Level Tournaments and even at National Championships.

H.LALNUNSIAMA (2016) (India)
Honorary Secretary
Mizoram Badminton Association (India)

Coach Andrew with Lai Hong Shen

Coach Andrew 是一位很好的教練  但是我感覺到他的熱誠 想要把東西都教給他的學生 甚至教識我怎樣將生活和羽毛球融合一齊 而且你站在羽毛球場那一刻開始就不要想其他任何事情 只要想著要怎麼贏 他說沒有一個訓練是壞的 所以要做好每一個訓練 所以在場上訓練上 如果有任何失誤 第一時間叫我忘記 因為訓練還沒有完成 只要在下一球不要失誤 經常和我講的就是一球制敵

Coach Andrew 最後,我雖然被你訓練的時間只有短短的三個星期 我返到澳門後會繼續將你教導我的東西放在腦中 會將你教我的東西做的更好
Coach Andrew is an excellent badminton coach, he has enthusiasm in teaching us all the rules or techniques and tactics of Badminton. Andrew is not only my badminton coach but also my mentor, I learnt to develop life skills through the techniques he taught me in a badminton game.
For example, he once told me, do not think of any other matters, keep your mind concentrate on how to win the game whenever you’re on the badminton court. He said, there’s no such thing as a bad or useless training, its all about getting the right mind frame, thus, you have to put all your efforts in every training that you join.
When you created faults in a training or a match, leave it and move forward, the training or match has not completed or end. Just like life, you stay for the bad times and also the good times. What you need to do is to make sure you do not repeat the same mistake again. He always reminds me, the most important thing in a game is to give your opponent a true strike, hold the game with a strong serve, then you can win points and keep control of the game.
Last but not the least, my dear coach Andrew, although we spent only 3 weeks training together, I promise that when am back to Macau, I’ll keep all the things you taught on my mind, and practicing them everyday to make it perfect!
Lai Hong Shen, 18 Years Old (Macau Club Player)
20th August 2017


Mr. Andrew is my first coach and my best coach. I do not just admire him but also proud of him being my excellent badminton coach. Just a short period of 2 years, began with the very basic first lesson of holding racket and then, from the very basic strokes, today I am a State Player.

Simply unbelievable, yet it is true. It pathways for me to get a college degree on scholarship and many other benefits to succeed in life.

Coach Andrew Chang’s training not only meets international standards but also proven to be effective, physically and mentally. His training is not only tough and also above expectations.

After going through such training, it is not just about being a champion but also to become a better person. And because of him, I fall in love with badminton.

Coach, thanks for all the guidance and advice.

Lai Yi Ching (Selangor,Malaysia)
(Inter-State Team) National Champion 2013

Andrew and I go way back to almost 20 years ago. Truly a great friend. Back when I was a national player and winning titles, Andrew played a prominent role as a training mate and sparring partner. He would assist me with my exercises, we’ll train together and go for tournaments together. Andrew knows what it takes to reach the top level. As a friend, he never fails to give his opinions in badminton or any other topics in life.

I’ve seen him coached and worked with him on quite a number of occasions. He’s truly an amazing coach! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner player. At the end of the day with Andrew’s experience and talent in coaching, he will take your game to the next level.

Even today as a professional player, as I’m still quite active in this sport playing in leagues, national and lower tier international tournaments. I would still go to Andrew for some training, working out and maybe some inspirations.

All in all Andrew is great friend, great person and a great coach!

Hafiz Hashim (Malaysia) (2017)
Commonwealth Games Champion 2002
All England Champion 2003
Highest BWF World Ranking #4

Anthony_Ngyuen_2My training is going very well and I have tried to use the slice u taught us! So I really benefited from your coaching, especially by making less mistakes because you always insisted so much on that.

I find that your drills were very varied and helped me a lot in every aspect of my game. Also, I find that you are really good in giving feedback for videos.

But really, to me you are an amazing coach and you have an answer for everything!

Anthony Ngyuen (Montreal, Canada)
15 years old, Canada Elite National Champion Under -17 (3 times) 2015/2016*

Coach Andrew Chang is an exceptional coach, he created amazing programs to directly target my weaknesses. He provided constant feedback with amazing critique to ensure that I was more aware of what type of player I was. I learned to become more confident in my game and developed many different skills that I’ve never heard of.

At tournaments, he helped me remain calm in crucial moments and gave me useful strategies that undoubtedly helped me win my first triple crown! Coach Andrew is extremely dedicated to what he does, he arrives to lessons on time and gives his 100% effort. He met my needs in this sport through special programs made especially for me.

Coach Andrew worked very hard to match my busy schedule but pulled through anyways which I am thankful for. Coach Andrew is definitely one of the greatest coaches I’ve met, and I’m grateful to have had him coach me for the past 2 months.


Alwin Ly, 16, (Toronto, Canada)

U-19 Triple Crown Ontario State Champion 2016/2017* (Boy’s Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles Champion)


Coach Andrew Chang is an inspiring personality. On court, he is a phenomenal coach that works to the best of his ability to push players to continuously improve and work their hardest. Off court, he is an up-beat, humble man that has everyone around him smiling and enjoying themselves.

During my time with Coach Andrew, he planned unique programs that targeted my weaknesses and gave me a better sense of the game. The programs introduced tactics and skills that were totally new to me.

In competition, Coach Andrew kept me calm and provided advice that helped lay out paths to winning. His patience and constant encouragement have given me confidence and prepared me for future tournaments. Coach Andrew continues to give support and assistance even when we are so far from one another.

He is an inspiration to me and I am honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Kyle Leung, 15 (Toronto, Canada)
2- Times Ontario State U-17 Boy’s Singles and Doubles Champion(2016)

Even though Coach Andrew only worked with me for a short time (2 months), he taught me exceptional and wonderful things.

For example, you always push me even though I’m injured, but that builds up my mental!!! Your feedback is very persistent and on point, so I always listen to you! Overall, you are an amazing coach!!!!

Victor Lai, 12 years old (Ontario, Canada)
Ranked #1 U15 Boy’s Singles Player (2017)
2017 Canada National Junior U15 Boy’s Singles Champion and Provincial Singles Champion(Canada).

Coach Andrew has coached me for couple month. During that duration, I’ve learned a lot and I won a tournament. In that tournament, there were a lot of good players participating and it was very tough to get all the way to the final.

Sometimes I was in a very bad situation and I was very anxious and exhausted at certain stages of the tournament. Coach Andrew has a useful method to calm me down and gave me very useful tips. I had very tough matches from the early rounds but with Coach Andrew’s guidance, I managed to pull through and won the tournament.

Through the daily training, I learned not only skills but also the right and effective ways of training and the atmosphere was really good.

I am not English educated so sometimes it was really hard to understand what the other coaches were talking about, but Coach Andrew always showed his patience when he was explaining to me, and all his words benefits me a lot, now I really miss Coach Andrew, I hope he can come back to Canada and coach me again.

Ryan Chen, 15 years old (China)
U17 Ontario State Boy’s Singles Champion 2016 (Canada)

My name is Tobias Weidemann and I’m a German club badminton player. I came to Malaysia for
Andrew Chang’s intensive badminton training after my studies in Germany finished.

Right from the start, when I arrived at the hotel which is comfortably located close to the sporting facilities, he was there to introduce me to the surroundings (the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre mall contains almost everything you need) and to the training location.

The training itself was really tailored to my own needs and it displayed the creativity of an extremely experienced coach – Andrew puts a lot of effort into every single training unit. The 20 hours of training have been tough and pushed me to the edge of my physical possibilities and sometimes, as a reward, I noticed improvements after only one training. He definitely showed me where my weaknesses are and how to continue with the training once I am back in Germany.

Off the court, he always expressed a lot of care for me having my first time in Asia. He helped me to organize trips to different locations in Kuala Lumpur and its rural surroundings, at least twice a day he wrote me a WhatsApp message asking whether everything is fine.

At this point, I want to express a huge thank you to you, Andrew! You have been really pushing me to follow my goals in badminton and to develop as a player. Thanks also for always being responsive to every question and to making this beautiful trip to Kuala Lumpur possible!

For those of you who are considering a training by Andrew, I can only say: Give him a try! You won’t be disappointed.

Tobias Weidmann (Germany) (2016)
German Club League Badminton Player

Ronald_YeeAfter an extended foot injury of 4 years I took up badminton again. I was unable to regain my previous form and my footwork was terrible from the injury and inactivity. Andrew worked with me in person for a week and it was wonderful.

We worked on footwork, anticipation, specific shots, and conditioning. It’s been six months and I definitely see an improvement in my game.

My doubles partner and I just beat two tournament players last week, something I could not have done without Coach Andrew’s coaching. I recommend him highly!

Ronald Yee (San Francisco, USA)
Badminton Coach (2014)

Seem_PatelCoach Andrew Chang is an amazing coach! After training under his coaching, I have learned many techniques and qualities.

For example, Andrew Chang has taught me a much more effective grip on the backhand clear. He has also taught me to be more consistent, which has really improved my gameplay. There are too many incredible things to write, but after his coaching, I have improved so much!

I participate in junior tournaments in Quebec and I have accomplished many things because of Andrew Chang’s coaching. It really boosted my ranking! I have also started to participate in ABC open tournaments in Quebec and I have even won some!

Seem Patel (Quebec, Canada)
13 years old, Provincial Champion 2014*

Mahmoud_El-SayadThank you so much for the very pleasant stay I had in K.L, everything was perfectly arranged and I really enjoyed time there, especially the outings we had on Fridays.

As for the training, firstly I’d like to give a special thanks to Coach Andrew. I am really thankful to him! not only was he a perfect coach who always encouraged me to be better, and I really learned a lot of beneficial badminton stuff that I haven’t known before and he was definitely able to make me a much better badminton player and made me ready for the Youth Olympic Games in only 20 days, but also out of court, he is a very good friend too who was really fun to hang out with.

He also came to me a month later to Singapore where I was playing the Youth Olympic Games and due to ONLY his coaching in the tournament, I was able to beat Africa’s No.2 player and Europe’s no.5 Holland player, and came 2nd in the group after I played with China’s no.1 player a very good match.

Finally I am really thankful to all of you and I am really looking forward to another visit and training program next year.

Yours Faithfully,

Mahmoud El-Sayad (Cairo, Eygpt) 2010*
National Player & Africa Continent Champion

Certificate of completion

kelmen champion




Coach Andrew Chang has been instrumental in shaping the person and player I am today. During the short months of training, he has immediately improved my game immensely. From being a fringe player (ranked 12th) on my California collegiate team to being ranked 1st, competing against other schools like UC Berkeley and Stanford. Furthermore, Andrew is a mentor that is able to strengthen every player mentally. His training had such a great impact that I was able to improve even after

completing the training and be more consistent even without his guidance. Andrew’s ethos of perseverance and commitment has guided me to apply the same principles outside of the game from academics to other extracurricular activities. Andrew is a passionate coach beneficial to any type of player at any level.

Kelmen (San Francisco, USA)

Top California University Player (2015)


IMG_2995I am writing in support of ANDREW CHANG, a world class badminton trainer.I sought out Andrew’s expertise on two recent trips to Malaysia.  I found him through his informative and impressive web site, and I was fortunate enough to take 4 lessons with him during my visit.

Andrew is not only a patient, encouraging, accommodating, and thoughtful instructor, but his training methods equip the student with competency in gameplay, not only in mastering individual shots or strokes.  The techniques ones learn from Andrew Chang include proper footwork, grip, racquet positioning, stroke technique, and follow through which, in combination, ensures a successful and satisfying outcome.

What I found to be so rewarding training with Andrew was the fact that I, as  an amateur “mature” player, was able to improve my game, strengthen my core, gain muscle strength, increase my flexibility, fine tune my hand-eye coordination all without stressing my joints or experiencing any pain or discomfort afterward.  He was able to gear my training session according to my personal physical aptitude and abilities.

After training with Andrew Chang, I am completely convinced that “Badminton” should be heralded as the new “game of choice” for active people over the age of 50 in North America as well as in Malaysia where it is the national sport.

Andrew is not only a marvelous trainer, but he is also a worthy world-class Ambassador representing the sport of Badminton.

I ask you to please give him your every consideration.

Cynthia Nikitin (New York City, USA)

Recreational Player (2015)


Erik_LjungAfter Training 2 days with you I’m starting to be more serious on training. It was feeling really good. Just on the warm-up, he saw that I really need to train on my “winner” head. I was on that time really bad at patience. He said that I needed to train on Faster footwork and my head. I needed to train on everything!

But I’ve to train hard on this ones. Coach Andrew is a good trainer that needs some attentions, I’ve just trained 2-3 days and I won over my competitor. He always win over me in the final, but now i finally won over him! All thanks to this training! I have in both the Singles and Doubles events!

Erik Ljung (Sweden)
13 years old, Provincial Champion 2014*

Lukas_ZevlCoach Andrew has given me a lot experiences in badminton. He has been still a part of my badminton life and he tries to help me every time I need. He is very skilled coach and he knows how to work with all skill level players.

I spent 50 days during the summer in Malaysia with Andrew. He helped me to improve my game. He helped me to grow up my speed, technical skills and movement on the court. Everything that I need to be a better player.

I am planning to come back to Malaysia to get a new experience and work on my game. I trust this coach and all things he does.

I am looking forward to seeing him again and train with this top level and very nice coach. If you choose this coach it is the best choice you can do.

Lukas Zevl (Czech Republic)

Ranked #2 Junior In Europe (2009)
(Top Junior and National Player of Czech Republic) 10 times National Champion.2011/2012*

Zuzana_PavelkovaI think Coach Andrew is very good coach and I’m very happy when I can train with him. I like his coaching because he knows how to prepare good program and what player needs to improve.

I feel I have improved after train with Coach Andrew and I think I could be much better if i could train with him for a long time. I would like to continue in teamwork with Andrew.

Zuzana Pavelkova
(Czech Republic National Player and Top #100 ranking) 2011*

darma suciptoCoach Andrew has a wealth badminton knowledge, he has the ability to spot one’s weaknesses and of course the opponent’s weaknesses.

To be honest, I wasn’t born with many talents or special gifts in badminton. I even have a nerve disorder symptoms, many other coaches’ refuses to take me seriously.

Coach Andrew is the first coach that take me in and he told me he’ll make me to a district champion and enter the State team. That was my goals at that time.

In just one and half years of training with Coach Andrew, I managed to enter Kuala Lumpur State Team. It’s one of highest standard State team in Malaysia. To enter the state team, I have to beat the current batch of players and went through a fitness test. Coach Andrew prepared me well for that, moreover, I’m a foreigner from Indonesia studying in Malaysia.

I sincerely and wholeheartedly want to say Thank You to Coach Andrew for motivating me and advising me from nothing to something for all these years. I’m currently pursuing my studies,  in sports psychologist at one of the top and expensive University in Malaysia but it’s under a scholarship because I’m a State Player. Thanks again Coach Andrew.


Darma Sucipto (Indonesia)
Kuala Lumpur State Player, District & University Champion

tf kon

Thanks for your patience and perseverance to motivate me and keep me in good form despite my tight schedule. I think your vast experience and technical know-how of the game is very apparent in your ability to tailor each of your lesson plans to build on the previous lesson.

More importantly and almost very subtly you are well aware of the mental aspect of the game and hence within each drill you are able to push me to build mental fortitude, encourage me to persevere and most important of all, to stay focus and not give up.

Due to your training, I have played with stronger, faster, younger and those who had more years of training ahead of me but with the mental strength you have instilled in me, I persevered and stayed focus, I actually saw  them break down mentally, and I won the matches instead.

Kon Ting Fei (Hong Kong) 2015*
 Club Player and Badminton lover.


Wong_Kin_YikAndrew is a good friend  and a senior of mine which I look up to. We used to train together when I was a kid. A few years ago, when I was dropped from national set up due to injuries and personal problems.

I felt quite frustrated and a little down. Andrew spoke to me to get back to the game and helped me to regained confidence and the love of the game. He trained me and he executes great training programs which include drills, physical exercise and working on certain skills.

After 2 years of quitting badminton and hanging up my racket, I’ve managed to perform quite well and beat my personal best performance at international tournaments and managed to give the current national players a good fight or won some of them within just a few months of training and sparring with Andrew.

For those young players out there, who want to excel in this sport, give Andrew a call!


Wong Kin Yik (Malaysia)
National player (2012*)

Chan_Kwong_BengI’ve known Andrew for more over a decade now and I’ve seen him coached on many occasions. He has trained, played, spar and coach with the national team and with players from all around the world.

His training methods bring out the best in you and explain thoroughly the objective of each drill. His coaching has an immediate impact on your game, because he knows what is he talking about.

The way he manages his players is very disciplined and creative, even if it’s a big group or a small group. The high intensity still remains the same.

Andrew will definitely help to improve younger generations of players from the grassroots or the elite level. Best of it all, Coach Andrew does it with the love and passion of the game.

Chan Kwong Beng (Malaysia)
National Player, 2013 Vietnam International Challenge Champion

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