6 Tips For Your First Ever Badminton Tournament (Badminton Tips)



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  1. Meals Intake.
  • The first thing that most players tend to overlook. Even some professional players too.
  • Most players would skip meals hours before their match. And then they would be burnt out mid-way in the match. One has had something to eat at least an hour before the match. Avoid spicy food.
  • During the tournament, try bringing some light snacks such as buns, granola bars, peanuts, chocolates, banana and etc. With an empty stomach, you can’t think. Most tournaments, you will need to have to be at the venue the whole day and sometimes a proper meal is not available.
  • Taking care of your meal intake should start when you preparing for a tournament or during your practice/game sessions.


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  1. Be Early.
  • Just like in most things in life, it’s good to be early rather than to be late.
  • Tournaments time can be quite unpredictable. Sometimes your match might start earlier than the expected or perhaps later.
  • You’ll have extra time to get use to the court situation as not all halls are the same.
  • If you have the opportunity, it’s always good to go to the venue and test courts before tournament day. It would make a world of difference in your performance on your match day.
  • Warming is essential, it helps you to be in the zone. It takes some time, so try to reach at least an hour before your match time.


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  1. Do Not Judge Yourself.
  • Regardless of the tournament level. You’ll see some players who are really good. That’s totally normal. If you don’t see any good players, it won’t likely be a tournament.
  • Don’t start judging yourself. Keep calm and perhaps talk to your coach before or during the match.
  • Ask yourself why you are at the tournament. What are you trying to achieve from this tournament.
  • Try to apply what you have learned in training. It’s good to reach early and get into the zone and block out negative thoughts.
  • In sports, it teaches you all about respect. Respect your opponents to give your very best not to fear them.
  • Most commonly, an inexperienced and some experienced players tend to be angry or frustrated when things don’t get right. Just try to stay calm and work in your game. Do not judge yourself.
  • In all sports you may feel like a superman just 12 hours before and the very next day, everything is not working out. You have to stay calm work your way through the match.



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  1. Listen To Your Coach.
  • If you coach is accompanying during your tournament. He is not there because of the fun of it. He/ She is there mainly because of guiding you.
  • Most coaches who train you for months would know your level or your experience. It will be sometimes helpful to have a coach there to get you out of some tough situation during the match.
  • During your match when your coach sitting behind you. Try listening to his/her advice. Most players, they would get nervous and ignoring or just blocked out the coach advice.
  • The coach presence itself may not be sufficient enough, preparation and some game plan is the key. The coach is there and looking from outside, is just giving some tips to make some adjustments.


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  1. Keep It Simple.
  • As most inexperienced players, the first thing they stepped in the court. They would like to look impressive and that would cost them the whole match.
  • As most tournaments, they would allow you to have a 1 or 2 minutes warm-up session with your opponent. That’s where it’s important to have right warm-up stroke routine to get your shots, wristwork, racket feel and footwork ready.
  • Most players would start with the clears and then to the straight push and some soft touch shots such as the net-shot and drop-shots.
  • During the match as well. Try not to be over-ambitious, just keep it simple and play yourself into the match. Even when you’re losing, do not be panic or angry and try to be over ambitious with shots. Just focus point by point. One stroke at a time, One move at a time and One Point at a time.


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  1. Take Your Time.
  • As most first timers, they will rush things especially when things are losing points or just tired.
  • Try asking the umpire for a towel down, changing the shuttle, mopping the floor or simply tie your shoelaces. That would actually help you with refocusing back to your match and perhaps breaking your opponent rhythm.
  • When you lost a point due to fatigue or a simple mistake. Don’t just rush and pass the shuttle back to your opponent. Take your time, walk around and take breather to pace yourself.
  • As most top players would do (if you notice), when you’re receiving the serve; raise your hand when you’re not ready. That would give you few breaths to recover/refocus and perhaps breaking your opponent rhythm.

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