5 Reasons to Start or Continue Badminton (Badminton Tips)

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  1. Fun
  • First of all, Badminton is a heck of a fun sport, regardless of what level you are at. The challenge of mastering a stroke or making your opponent/friend chasing the shuttlecock around the court can be quite fun.
  • If you are at a higher level, playing at your local amateur league or perhaps a team friendly match. You’ll meet new group friends and based on my experience you’ll meet some good friends along the way.
  • Working on improving your level like practicing a certain movement or a drill can be quite fun in a positive way.


  1. Lifestyle
  • In a positive way, badminton can clean up your life. A good example, you’ll pay for it when you play tough singles or doubles game after a night partying or staying up too late the night before. You’ll be huffing and puffing the whole game and you won’t be enjoying your sessions.
  • In most countries in Asia where badminton is a highly popular sport. Even in a social group, they usually have some small bets (like a can of sports drinks or a meal) among their group to have a little competitive feel. At the end of the day, maintaining your performance is quite essential and it’s not only during tournament season.
  • Badminton helps you to have the discipline to have a good night sleep, eat well and staying in shape. It can be a quite intense sport, it will create the self-discipline in you to emphasize the importance warming up and cooling down  as you don’t want to get injured and stayed out of badminton for weeks.
  • It takes a lot of dedication and it will sidetrack you from the negative activities such as drugs, alcohol and etc.


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  1. Purpose
  • Badminton gives you the purpose to stay in shape. Playing only once a week can quite struggle physically if that’s the only exercise session you are having in a week. And it is almost guaranteed you’ll have muscle sores the next day.
  • Badminton is mostly an anaerobic sport. Good cardiovascular condition is important to enjoy the game. The higher level you are, the more cardiovascular conditioning is required. So it gives you the purpose to have some jogging sessions or physical exercises such as weight training on the days you are not playing badminton.
  • Badminton involves a strong upper body (wrist, forearm, shoulders, abs and etc.) and lower body. It gives you good purpose to strengthen those areas to progress or winning in this sport.


  1. Progress Independently
  • If you want to progress in the sports like winning matches or games you don’t really need a team behind you unlike football, basketball and etc.
  • Badminton is getting very popular all around the world. Joining a social group in your neighborhood is quite easy.
  • You can just work out anywhere, for example; doing footwork exercises in the park or small empty space.
  • For more home exercises ideas you can click on this link.
  • If you want to improve in competitive badminton, no matter what you need a coach. You can participate in the tournament alone but you’ll need a coach for your preparations.



  1. It’s for everyone
  • Badminton can be enjoy by everyone. Regardless of your age, gender, weight or disabilities.
  • In the Paralympics Games, you’ll see some players with just one arm or in a wheel chair still playing good badminton. Most of them are not even full time players. It’s the passion of the sport in them.
  • There’s tournament all around the world with veteran categories up 90 years old.

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