Ladies can now change their tops during a match (Badminton Tips)

linDan-chongWei-apFor many years, men players are allow to change their jersey during a match interval on court. Where as, the women players have to wait until the match is over to do so.

In a competitive badminton match, women players are not allowed to go the toilet or changing room for a quick change during a match interval.Playing in a top which is drenched in sweat can cause skin burns or redness. It’s mostly caused by frictions.If you don’t have this experience, it will still be very uncomfortable and sweat will be dripping all over the court.

Players can sweat liters of liquid during a match, especially during tough matches. Here’s a great tip for you ladies or anyone can use to change their tops during a match.

In this video, you’ll see top Japanese women’s singles player Nozomi Okuhara changes her clothes during her match at the All England 2016.



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