Improve your smashing interception (badminton training tips)

Lee Chong Wei leaping for a smash.
Lee Chong Wei leaping for a smash.

Playing with a competitive player in a tournament or training can be quite challenging at times. The higher the level of your opponent, the less chance your opponent is going to give you a nice shot for you to smash. Imagine playing against the world’s best like Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Chen Long and etc. With their great wrist work and shot deceptions, it seem merely impossible to set up for your smash (unless they are giving you chances).

Ever wonder how the top players just leap around the court for smash? It may look easy, but it takes some practice and the right drills to execute during match.

Here’s an exercise which you can do with your playing or training partner to improve your smashing interception and anticipation. Here’s a few things to keep in mind while doing this exercise.

  1. The feeder should drop around 3 to 5 times. Then make a fast clear at any direction. (You can start by not shooting it too back of the court)
  2. Around 6 to 8 smashes per set. Recommend around 4 to 6 sets. (Increase progressively)
  3. The feeder can switch sides between sets, so the player can improve on accuracy.
  4. For the player who is doing this exercise, try to bend your knees and keep your body low when you are at the center of the court (for better anticipation)
  5. It may be quite uncomfortable at first, but just try to force yourself to make the smash. After some time, it will be effortless.
  6. Make sure to warm up properly, before attempting this exercise. And remember to follow up after you smash. It doesn’t matter if you have world record smash but if there’s no follow it’s no point.

*Please note this exercises are just ideas which you can cooperate into your training, But for more personalized and better improvement program, questions or anything else. Please contact us directly.

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