Picking up shuttlecocks can be a good thing (Badminton Tips)

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Pushing outside your comfort zone and stretching yourself around the court, seems to be merely an impossible feat if you are not trained to do so. As the good ol’ saying goes “If you want to be a champion, you have to beat champion”. No champion will actually hits the shuttlecock to you without making you work, if you actually want to win him/her.

Picking up is a traditional but innovative form of footwork exercise, which is very popular with different varieties in the top badminton countries like Indonesia, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan and etc. This exercise is beneficial for all levels and it covers almost all important aspect of the games like explosive movements, recovery, stability, court coverage, endurance, mental toughness and many more.

Here’s an idea of what it looks like, tips and instructions are below this video:

Tips and Instructions:

  •  Have 11 used shuttlecocks ready. 4 at each side (back or front) ,1 at the center and 2 at each side(mid court)
  • Switch shuttles when you reach at any side of the mid court.(Do not throw the shuttles)
  • Always remember to go back at center and imagine you are going for the shots.
  • Start off slow and then slowly increase your pace. A well trained badminton player can get this done in 45 to 55 seconds(per set of 8 shuttles or per way).
  • This is can strenuous on your legs but with proper stretching after and before and practice regularly. You will feel the difference in your game.
  • This is exercise is done by a trainee, remember to stretch out your non racket out. To use the full potential of your body reach and better balance.


*Please note this exercises are just ideas which you can cooperate into your training, But for more personalized and better improvement program, questions or anything else. Please contact us directly.

For any questions please feel to contact us here. All the best and remember “Winning begins with preparation”

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