Shadow Badminton Footwork (Badminton Tips)

image source: rob spink
image source: rob spink

Shadow badminton is one of the most effective badminton exercises that most players seems to have overlooked. It is very beneficial in a lot aspects in the game if it’s done properly. It’ll improve your court endurance, speed, anticipation, timing and physical condition.

One athlete can run for hours nonstop, but when he or she enters the badminton court he/she can run out of gas in a matter of minutes. This is mostly because of one did not exercise or practice the muscle used in badminton.

In another scenario, have you ever experience? When you are facing a pretty decent player and you need that extra boost in pace to take control of the rallies? It may look easy but it takes a lot from you physically, especially you have to do that through out the match. By doing the shadow exercises regularly certainly gives you that extra physical ability to do so.

Here’s some tips one can do in shadow badminton:

1. Before doing multiple corners, one has to master the footwork of one corner at a time.

2. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, doing as fast as you can.

3. Start with 10 strokes and gradually increase in strokes and sets. Doing the exercise correctly is better than doing it wrongly while tired.

4. For every strokes try to do it at full swing motion for wrist-work strength.

5.Once you have a some strength in your wrist, you can use a training racket(heavy racket) or a squash racket.

6.Get someone to point out the corners for you to get better match stimulation movements.

7. Go deep into the corners.

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