7 Essential Items You Should Have In Your Badminton Kit/Gear Bag

As a badminton player, your kit bag is your best companion when you are on court. Especially if you are travelling abroad for tournaments, friendly matches or just simply a badminton holiday. What’s inside your kit/gear bag is essential.

Here are some items that most players seems to forget or just never thought of.


1. Scissors.

  • If you play badminton on a regulars basis. A pair of scissors is a must.
  • Strings do break as often that you might think. It’s better cut off the strings, once your racket string snaps. To avoid your racket to break, cracked or run out of shape.
  • There are multiple uses for a scissors besides cutting your racket strings. Such as fixing your racket grip tapes, sports tape, or open new packaging of your badminton gears.

2. Plastic Bags.

  • If you don’t sweat while playing badminton, you are practically not human.
  • It’s good to have some kind of water proof bag to carry your sweaty clothes around after your game/matches/sessions. So you don’t get the rest of your gears wet in your bag.
  • The cheapest suggestion, is to use your groceries plastic bag. And recycle it.


3. Grip Tapes.

  • It’s always nice to have an extra grip tapes somewhere in your badminton gear bag.
  • Sometimes your grip tape can be worn out all of a sudden. Simple situation like this can ruin your fun badminton game session.


4. Powdered Rehydration Salt.

  • Badminton can be really physically demanding sport. You can be dehydrated or running out of salt in your body before realizing it.
  • It doesn’t weight much or take any space in your badminton gear/kit bag. Just open up a sachet, pour it into your water bottle.
  • To have more longevity in your badminton matches, it is advised sipping some rehydration salt to avoid cramping (which is very unpleasant experience). Especially when you are playing in tropical weather.

5. Extra garments.

  • One of the most common items people tend to forget is bringing pair of socks. Especially if you are at tropical countries. You are so used to wearing flip flops/slippers/ sandals.
  • After you game, it better to change your top and bottom. To avoid getting cold or messing up your car seat.

6. Snacks

  • It’s advisable to snacks in between game or matches. To keep your energy level up.
  • Most tournaments can take up the whole day. Sometimes you wouldn’t have time to buy food. Snacks like chocolates, granola bars and etc. are good substitutes.
  • It doesn’t weight much or make your kit bag bulky.

7. Sports Tapes.

  • Sometimes you will feel some joints or muscle group a little tired or weak. It better to have the area taped around to avoid unwanted injuries.
  • Another purpose a sports tape can be use, is taping around blistered spots. It’s very common for anyone who plays badminton at any level to have blisters.


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