3 Basic Ways of Gripping the Racket : That most players don’t know about.

From what I’ve noticed throughout the years. Most people who picked up the game, are only being taught the 1 common way of gripping the racket. The truth is, there are 3 important ways of gripping the racket handle to execute different types of shots.


1. Forehand Grip

  • One of the most common style of grip that your badminton friends or your parents teaches you.
  • The bottom 3 fingers holds the racket handle. The thumb and index fingers has to be relaxed. To control the directions of your shots and to switch grip.

Shots used in forehand grip* (Smash, Drop, Clear, Forehand lift, Forehand net shot and etc*)


2. Backhand Grip

  • Thumb laid flat on the side of the handle.
  • Before switching to backhand grip. Index finger and thumb has to be relax, to rotate the racket
  • At the point of contact, put some pressure on the thumb to generate power.

Shots used in backhand grip* (Backhand clear, backhand drive, backhand lift and etc.)


3. Universal Grip

  • Thumb is place somewhere on the middle line of the handle.(Depends of preference)
  • Purpose of this grip is usually to create angle, and better motion to do odd angle shots.

Shots used in the Universal Grip* (Before hitting the backhand clear, backhand drop, cross court defend, cross-court net and etc.)

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