Benefits of Dynamic Agility Warm up (Badminton Tips)

dynamic warm upEver feel lazy? Or your body can’t move before an important match, training session or any other work out session? Especially with the new 21 points or 11 points scoring system in most badminton tournaments out there, you have to be extra ready when you entered the court. One can’t afford to play themselves into game when your opponent has a big lead over you.

Here’s something you can try to overcome those obstacles and also bring your game and fitness to the next level by doing a routine of dynamic warm up exercises. Dynamic warm up, started gaining its’ popularity roughly around 10 years ago and it’s being practiced by the top athletes in the world. Not to mention even Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan do practiced it on a regular basis, as you can see on various youtube video clips.

Dynamic warm up is practically a form of exercise that activates your muscles you will use during your game, training or any other workouts.

Here’s a rough idea of exercises you can do to get your legs and movement ready for your badminton sessions. It may be quite tiring at first but you can measure it down to your fitness level. Remember not to over tired yourself before your game or your training session.

  1. Slow jog forward and reverse backward (remember to be on your toes while reversing)
  2. Side to side on alternate legs. (Bend your knees)
  3. Raising up your knees and twisting them inwards while going forward and spreading them outwards while going backwards.
  4. Knee Raises.
  5. Thigh stretching kick back.
  6. Alternate leg pouncing
  7. Alternate feet twisting
  8. Open and close for reaction agility.
  9. Lunges
  10. Sprinting.


*Please note this exercises are just ideas which you can cooperate into your training, But for more personalized and better improvement program, questions or anything else. Please contact us directly.


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  1. A few of my friends and I are having a friendly badminton tournament this coming weekend, and I really want to dominate them. I really like what this article mentions about dynamic warm ups activating muscles. I think having a proper warm up will really give me the upper hand. Thanks for sharing!

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